What Does A Copywriter Do and Why You Need to Hire One

Information influx from the internet makes it seem like nothing is impossible anymore. Even business owners now choose to do all sorts of tasks on their own, like writing marketing copy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but only if you are a copywriter by profession. And if you end up asking what does a copywriter do, then read the next line.

Ask yourself…

As an entrepreneur, how much time do you want to spend working ON your business? And how much time do you spend working IN it?

If your answers are already burning you out, then something has to change, right? But what if I tell you that a competitive copywriter can help you on both sides of the coin that is your business?

Copywriting, with all its hidden benefits, is not as easy as it may seem. Hence, it’s high time you become aware of what a copywriter does and why you are past due in hiring one.

hire a copywriter

Copywriter Job Description

What is a copywriter? How do they differ from other writers?

They might not always be in the spotlight, but their role is supreme in building brand image and reputation. Copywriters are dedicated to writing marketing copy that connects, communicates, and converts.

Marketing copy is the heart and soul of any marketing strategy. Thus, failing to produce an excellent copy can leave a severe blow to your entire business plan. So, if you hire a copywriter today, you can expect them to handle these responsibilities for you:

1. Produce Social Media Copy

Today, social media has also become a crowded market for businesses. Whether you own an online store or a brick-and-mortar business, your social media presence proves to be crucial.

Hence, your copy has to be compelling enough to gain followers, attract new customers, and close sales. Professional copywriters produce appealing copy that speaks your brand’s voice while persuading and delivering significance to your audience.

freelance copywriter

2. Create Various Copies

Aside from social media copy, copywriters are also responsible for writing other forms of copy used in different mediums.

You must know by now that a comprehensive marketing strategy requires different types of copy. It can be:

  • online ads (banners, web content, pop-ups, emails)
  • print ads (posters, brochures, magazines, billboards)
  • video (television, YouTube)
  • audio (radio, podcasts). 

Experienced copywriters master the knowledge and skills in writing in different tones and styles. Plus, they hate plagiarism on a whole other level, so you can rest assured that your copy is directly generated from their creative minds.

3. Write Error-Free Copy

If there’s one thing you need to know about today’s generation, it’s that consumers are more careful and meticulous than ever before. Misinformation and errors are intolerable, so error-free content is crucial. 

Fortunately, this is only second nature to a professional copywriter. You can expect that they will deliver nothing but a high-quality copy for your brand.

4. Collaborate

A professional copywriter often collaborates with the PR and marketing team to ensure they are all on the same page. This way, you can make sure that your marketing and overall business strategy materializes in alignment.

professional copywriter

5. Present New and Creative Ideas

Consumers always look for something new. They have short attention spans but nothing that copywriters can’t handle well. Hence, their work includes thinking out of the box to bring out unique and clever ideas consistently. 

Also, they shine best in adding subtle nudges to urge the audience to do their bidding. 

These are just a few of the things that a copywriter can do. If you’re still undecided about hiring one, then you might want to check the following signs.

Signs that You Need to Hire a Copywriter

1. You’re not into writing.

Just because you can learn everything, it doesn’t mean that you should. Compelling copywriting takes time to learn and execute. And this precious time, you can use instead to work in your business instead of on it.

But how do you make up for the various ways and forms that your business needs marketing copy? Here’s where your copywriting partner comes in.

2. You’re subjective. 

As the owner, of course, you have memorized every nook and corner of your business. However, this can be both good and bad for you.

In listing tour products or services’ features, there’s a high chance that you might stray from expressing the tangible benefits you offer to your audience. Meanwhile, having someone outside of your business can give a new perspective, allowing you to produce refreshing ideas.

What Does A Copywriter Do and Why You Need to Hire One

3. You just don’t have the time.

Working with your clients is one thing, and working on your business is a whole different one. So despite your knack for writing, it just takes up too much time and energy.

Now, imagine if you have a copywriting partner by your side who just gets you and delivers your copy from planning to creation and execution.

4. You want to take your business to the next level.

For copy requirements as massive as your brand’s launching, you might want to take things up a notch by pairing up with an expert. It’s one of your best chances to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

In other words, your copy must:

  • Have a striking and powerful headline that can draw attention (even those who outside your target market circle)
  • Have a well-written copy that reflects your brand personality with the right amount of persuasion
  • Have on-point and direct words
  • Focus on conveying the benefits of your brand to your customers
  • Be written to perfection 

Do any of these signs resonate with you? If you deny a good nod right there, then we have an answer! Don’t worry, because your team of reliable copywriters is here to help you.

Just leave us a message so we can start crafting your brand message!

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