2020 Practical Gift Ideas for HER

It’s almost that time of the year again. By now, you might be riffling for gift ideas in your mind already. Some might even ask, “What should I get a woman who has everything?” Well, after everything that has happened this 2020, practical gift ideas for her might be the best suggestion. After all, the best Christmas gifts for her doesn’t always have to be “the expensive stuff,”

I haven’t mentioned anyone in particular yet, but whoever is in your mind right now when you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift idea, I’m sure she’ll LOVE at least one (if not all!) of these recommendations. May it be your mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, friend, colleague, boss, or even yourself, there’s something for someone in this list. Not only are these items practical for use of the receiver, but they are also budget-friendly for the sender.

In this list, you’ll find inexpensive gift ideas for her that are nonetheless useful, practical, safe, and found and made locally!

1. Lip Balm

This tops my list of useful gift ideas for her, given the new normal of mandatory face masks and other types of protection. But even way before that, lip balms have already earned an essential spot in the self-care routines of all genders. Lip balm’s role of sealing moisture in lips and protection from external exposure is a sought-after remedy for dried, chapped lips.

2. Hand salve

Like face masks, alcohol and hand sanitizers have become essentials of the new normal. The more often one cleanses their hands with these liquids, the more their hands become dry throughout the day. For many people, having dry hands is not a nice feeling, especially for those who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned areas.

3. Lavender Oil

In searching for useful gift ideas, you might want to start thinking about how your gift can make your receiver feel special and taken care of. For instance, when you give them lavender oil, you don’t only hand them an herbal fragrance in the form of oil in a bottle. You gift them a relaxing atmosphere that can help them ease stress and tension. If the “her” in mind is a mom, then you also help her pacify fussy infants.

A 100% natural lavender oil also yields a dainty fragrance on skin, clothes, linens, and bathwater.

Perfect for: People you want to take care of.

4. Beauty Oil

Good beauty oil is not only for aesthetics but comes with a long list of benefits for the whole body. Just take a look at Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil which can perform 25 miracles from head to toe. No wonder it has become a cult-favorite among numerous fans across the nation.

Moreover, this product is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free. That’s why the Sunflower Beauty Oil is highly recommended, even for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.

Perfect for: Everyone, I mean, who can’t benefit from any of those 25 miracles, right? Check this list and you might even end up grabbing one for yourself!

5. Journal

If you’re someone who uses a journal regularly, then you’ll know how empowering journaling can be. In other words, gifting a journal to another person is like gifting them encouragement and inspiration to plant new goals and celebrate joyful milestones! That’s more than just a simple gift idea for her.

Perfect for: The young professionals.

6. Hair mask

Among the many things that people can’t take hold of under the long-standing quarantine are revitalizing activities like hair treatments. Unfortunately, the strains of working or studying from home just proved how helpful these activities are. Not only can they be refreshing after a long week, but they can also be healthy and nourishing for the body.

That’s why DIY hair treatments that can be done at home are life-savers! When you catch a natural hair product with proven effects, then you would know that you have found the perfect one for her!

Perfect for: Everyone with hair!

7. Aromatherapy pillow

Yet another one for the souls that need TLC. I could not emphasize this enough: pampering is food for the mind, body, and soul. So, when you give someone a gift that grants them such luxury, then that is beyond love.

An aromatherapy herbal pillow is not your ordinary Christmas gift or birthday present. For example, an herbal shoulder pillow may be used as a hot or cold compress which can help relieve tension and muscle pains. Even an herbal small pillow has that unwinding ability that soothes and comforts anytime and anywhere you like! This practical Christmas gift for her can ease joint aches, rest stiff wrists, and relax tired muscles.

When bought from the right place, the herbal pillows will directly help a sewing community from San Nicolas, Bulacan, and support Right Start Community Development Inc. Not only were you able to find the perfect gift for her but you also helped other people in your own special way!

Perfect for: Hard workers in need of stress-relievers. 

8. Body scrub

The idea of body scrub as one of the practical gift ideas for her is similar to that of the hair mask. Sometimes, all we need to recharge between weeks (or even days), can be as simple as natural body products in our daily routine. Of course, the ideal body scrub must be free of plastic microbeads and has ingredients that can keep your skin soft, plump, and hydrated.

Full body exfoliation is a practical gift idea because it eliminates dead skin buildup which can occur as early as the mid-20s.

Perfect for: People ages 24 and above.

9. Deep skin moisturizer

Have you ever heard of latô? This vitamin-rich seaweed is among the coveted secrets of highly-active Japanese people who reach 100 years old and beyond. As an ingredient of a locally-made skin moisturizer, it helps retain skin elasticity and works great as a makeup base.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, pair this practical gift idea with a partner in crime – the face cleanser. Skin moisturizers come hand in hand with facial cleansers more often than not. Hence, these two products are often paired in themes when it comes to facial care catalogs.

Perfect for: Dry, dull complexions that are often associated with people aged 30 and above.

10. Gift Certificate

If you’ve already browsed all useful gift ideas and you still haven’t found inexpensive‌ ‌gifts‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌woman‌ ‌who‌ ‌has‌ ‌everything, don’t worry! You can still give her the choice to have what she really wants by gifting her all-access tickets to genuinely natural goodness.

Perfect for: That person who already has everything!

If you’ve already browsed all useful gift ideas and you still haven’t found inexpensive‌ ‌gifts‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌woman‌ ‌who‌ ‌has‌ ‌everything, don’t worry! You can still give her the choice to have what she really wants by gifting her all-access tickets to genuinely natural goodness.

Perfect for: That person who already has everything!

Where to Find the Perfect Gift for HER

Once you have determined which of the practical gift ideas for her you aim to get and give, the next step is to find a shop worth buying from. Even in the activity of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, you can also have the ability to help others. Ideally, your gift shopping place is at least one of the following:

  • Pro-environment

If you’re going to do some gift shopping, then you might as well make it your favorite environment-friendly activity you do. Choose pro-environment stores that manufacture world-class quality products through sustainable production. Clue: they use natural ingredients/materials in creating natural yet affordable products.

  • Pro-poor

When we buy something, we don’t only exchange money for commodities – we support the business itself. Wouldn’t it be best to support businesses that naturally give back to communities? Clue: they source ingredients/materials, manpower, and talents locally.

  • Pro-Philippines

Choose local! Need I say more? *wink*

Grab all these Useful Gift Ideas from Feel Special – Human Nature Online Shop

Feel Special is an online dealer of the high-esteemed local health and beauty brand Human Nature. All three points checked and complete with all the practical gift ideas not just for her, but for everyone, this shop also offers 5% off of every total purchase. It’s totally your one-stop shop for everything nice!

Shop goodness with Feel Special through their online dealer shop or Facebook page.

To catch their 5% discount, send them a private message for the transaction.

We all want nothing but the best for our loved ones, and this shop focuses on making people feel special! Fancy? *wink*

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